Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – A Summer Getaway

By Tracy CliffordArticles, Travel

People constantly rave about their summer getaways to places like The Hamptons, Nantucket, Cape Cod, etc. But if you are a Chicagoan, there is only one place to go – Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The charming town is located close to the Chicago and makes for the perfect weekend getaway. There are plenty of places to stay, … Read More


By Tracy CliffordArticles, Fashion

Regardless of what is happening in fashion and trends, the female leg is essential for all seasons. Legs are no longer hidden during Fall/Winter waiting for their yearly debut when the warm weather hits. The leg is now featured year round peeping out from under dresses, skirts, leather shorts and tunics. The significance of the … Read More


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The origin of camouflage print was used by the army to blend in with their surroundings in hope to remain unnoticed by the enemy. I completely understand this concept and have the utmost respect for our troops and any individual courageous enough to put their life on the line for our country. That being said, … Read More

CLOSETS: Just say “Go”

By Tracy CliffordArticles, Closet Makeover

The current season change marks the perfect time of year to clean out your closet. As a stylist, I advise my clients on which pieces they should keep, tailor and use to create new, current looks.  The most complicated part of a closet revamp is coming to an agreement on which pieces to part with. … Read More