Every Chicagoan or person living in a cold weather climate has experienced more than their fair share of dreadful chills, wind and snowfall this winter.  Even though the weather is unpleasant and inconvenient, I try to embrace it with a positive attitude.  The cold allows us not to stress over bikini season, lightens up the pedicure bill and provides an opportunity to embrace some of the best fashion. I hate you winter, but thank you for giving me a reason to adorn myself in fur, boots, parkas, and cool winter accessories!

I encourage everybody to bust out their favorite cold weather items in these final days of Winter. (wait.. it’s official Spring?!)  Indulge in all the yummy cashmere and fur that you can. Enjoy the ease of throwing on a dress or tunic with a great pair of boots that seem to pull every look together.  If you have suede or leather pants in your wardrobe now is the time to sneak in a few last wears. I think we should make a point to give winter a proper good bye. It certainly gave us a long big hello!