​Elizabeth and James New Fragrance: Nirvana Black

By Tracy CliffordBeauty

It is true that I am partial to anything “Olsen.” The twins are two of my favorite celebrities and their clothing lines are to die for! However, Ashley and Mary-Kate’s new fragrance, Nirvana Black, by Elizabeth and James is legitimately good. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. Of course, I have … Read More

Seeing Red

By Tracy CliffordArticles, Beauty, Fashion, Shoes, Trends

The most popular trend to hit the shoe world since Sex and The City brought us Manolo Blahnik is Christian Louboutin. In other words, the red bottom shoe. Everyone recognizes the red bottom shoe and can relate to the number of stereotypes associated with the brand. A Louboutin shoe lends itself to both female bonding … Read More

Fashion and Hair

By Tracy CliffordArticles, Beauty

It is an undeniable fact that hair is essential when it comes to fashion. There are always new trends in the beauty industry that are not appropriate for everyone and in some cases anyone! (ex. highlight extensions in actual highlighter colors are one of my latest “No No’s”) Hair cut, color and style have the … Read More