It is an undeniable fact that hair is essential when it comes to fashion. There are always new trends in the beauty industry that are not appropriate for everyone and in some cases anyone! (ex. highlight extensions in actual highlighter colors are one of my latest “No No’s”) Hair cut, color and style have the potential to make or break your look, so it is important to recognize what compliments you and your outfit the best.

I always recommend a trip to the salon when it comes to creating a look for a specific event but using a good line of products is key for hair maintenance and everyday styling. My favorite line on the market right now is called Oribe. I love the Shampoos/Conditioners and the sprays are amazing! The Dry Texturizing Spray is great to maintain blow outs or mask a messy head after the gym. The Apres Beach Spray is a must for the upcoming summer days that all of us cold weather folks are dreaming of! If you are someone who enjoys a little sparkle, try Oribe Gold Pomade which is like body glitter for your mane.