A friend of mine just returned from Hong Kong and was raving about how amazing the city is right now. It is adorned in traditional decor in celebration of the Chinese New Year. This happens to be the year of the snake which is my favorite.

I find snakes to be so beautifully terrifying that I can’t help but be intrigued by the slithering serpents. My intrigue immediately shifted to desire when I discovered that New York is also embracing the snake to mark the 60th anniversary of Bulgari. The iconic jeweler is known for his remarkable Serpenti designs that are one of the most famous “must have” status pieces. The top floor of the 5th Avenue store has been transformed into a gallery featuring sketches, photographs and Serpenti designs from over the last six decades. There is a new book along with a stunning collection of Serpenti watches. I might even risk a real encounter with a snake if it meant having the emerald and diamond Serpenti wrapped around my wrist! The gallery is open from now until March 6 if you are in the city.