The most popular trend to hit the shoe world since Sex and The City brought us Manolo Blahnik is Christian Louboutin. In other words, the red bottom shoe. Everyone recognizes the red bottom shoe and can relate to the number of stereotypes associated with the brand. A Louboutin shoe lends itself to both female bonding and hatred. It can be viewed as a status symbol and a sign of fine taste OR it can be viewed as fashion victim wear and a sign of excessive spending or vanity. There has never been a fashion accessory that can’t speak yet says so much.

True or not, the popular story is that Christian Louboutin was inspired to paint the bottom of every pair of shoes he created red while watching his assistant paint her finger nails the same delicious hue. Years later, the fashion icon has expanded his big red world into the cosmetic industry with no other than nail polish. Do I even have to mention what the breakout color will be?!

Like it or not, the new Christian Louboutin nail polish line boasts very unique bottles that resemble some of his fancy foot wear. The polish and brush are rumored to be top notch along with the signature Rouge Louboutin shade. I encourage everyone to check out the new CL line of nail paint. Why not? Who does not want to rock Louboutin red from their hand to toe!

Style Note for Chicagoans: Any damaged red bottoms need to visit the shoe ER known as Brooks Shoe Service ASAP.