Right now there is one word to define what is happening in the world of beauty – COLOR. We have been seeing a variety of color in florescent, pastel and unique combinations for the last few seasons. When it comes hair and nail color that is loud, bold, mixed and bedazzled, I struggle with one question: Trendy or Tacky?

HAIR – I vote tacky. I am not a fan of incorporating crazy, unnatural colors to the human mane. I believe a universal, natural color or well-done highlights/lowlights are the way to go. You cannot argue with any style that is sophisticated and timeless. Many celebs are trying to have fun with fashion and experiment with their look, but crazy hair rarely works. The most obvious hair color “no no” candidate for me is Demi Lovato. She is constantly changing color and it goes from bad to worse. Even edgy Katie Perry can’t pull off the green – it looks like she left the Kid’s Choice Awards covered in slime! The only person who I believe can get away with rocking this look is Kelly Osbourne. She chose a suddle lilac hue that suits her skin tone, style and quirky personality.  I give second place to Nicole Richie, but it ends there.

**The TCStyle rule of thumb: “Experiment with crazy colors in your threads and not on your head.”

NAILS – I do not have a solid vote on this one. I am truly perplexed over the concept of bold colors and combinations on nails. I admit, I initially thought backwards-French manicures, glitter and multiple colors on each hand (especially the ring fingers) were tacky. But the trend is now growing on me! I think it is fun, temporary and complimentary to the dewy pastels that are flooding the runways and stores this spring/summer.

**TCStyle rule of thumb: “Have fun with nail art, but make sure it is an appropriate statement for your age, social life and work environment. People notice hands!”