Many cultures have their own unique way of preparing coffee. In Greece, the brew is typically strong and served with grounds at the bottom of the cup. In Italy, they serve espresso and are appalled by the “to go” concept. I was in a cafe in Florence years ago and requested “espresso da portar via”. They laughed and most likely spit in my cup! It is safe to say, that most cultures view traditional American coffee as tasteless and unsophisticated. We have become accustomed to establishments like Starbucks and rarely even use simple coffee pots in the home due to machines like Keurig. While I appreciate different types of coffee and respect the concept of taking the time to enjoy them, I still prefer a grande dark brew to get my morning started!

However, I stopped in Grahamwhich today and was presented with an interesting option. They have French Press coffee “to go”! It comes in a delightfully confusing cup with a long stick protruding from the top. I was instructed to wait four minutes then slowly press the stick down. Within five minutes, I was drinking delicious French Press coffee on my walk to work! While Grahamwhich might have the most unhealthy menu in the city, they sure know how to make a great up of coffee! I love how they added a hint of sophistication and taste to the American coffee culture.