Yes. Easter Sunday has come and gone, but that is no reason to put away your Easter wardrobe! Everyone knows that pastels are one of the hottest trends right now. We are seeing them in every category from RTW to accessories to cosmetics. I was initially exposed to these colors at the Donna Karan fashion show in New York. The first thing I thought when I saw the gaunt models strutting down the runway was , “Wow! This looks like a muddy Easter Day Parade of anorexics!” I have since coined the term “muddy pastels” to describe the current color trend.

The main pastel colors vary but are generally light shades of green, blue, pink, yellow, purple and orange. Pastels can be tricky to wear, because not everyone looks great in them. They are tough colors to pull off and often add volume to the body. It is important for everyone to find a color that flatters their shape, hair and skin tone. That being said, many women are having a difficult time embracing the pastel trend. Some of the easiest ways to wear pastels are through colored denim, prints, and accessories. I love pastel jeans paired with a white button down, printed bottoms/tops paired with solids, printed or solid pastel dresses (great for Spring/Summer) and colored bags used to give a little “pastel pop”! If you are someone who really has a hard time getting into pastels, you can always do a great nail polish or eyeshadow pallet to remain current.