Handbags are the most sacred accessory for many women. In fact, a woman’s purse selection can be very telling. There are so many types of bags ranging from the hottest “It Bag” to the “All Purpose Black Bag”. But when it comes to a woman’s purse, the even bigger mystery is what is inside. I cannot tell you how many times I have skimmed magazines like US Weekly and seen the contents of a celebrity’s purse sprawled out all over the page!

1. I doubt the information is accurate.

2. I do not care what Jessica Simpson or someone from the cast of Glee carries in their beloved tote!

I am a private person who has never been a fan of sheer, plastic or Lucite accessories. That is until now!

I had the pleasure of visiting the Charlotte Olympia showroom a few months back and fell in love with her entire Old Hollywood/Art Deco inspired collection. One of the items that I surprisingly liked was her transparent Lucite clutch – these were the first ones that have ever appealed to me! My beloved bags are all slightly different in terms of color and closure. They also come with 3 printed removable pouches. The pouches can be used for various things and also allow women to create a different look with their clutch while masking all personal items. (Come on ladies – no one needs to see your tampons!) If you would like to embrace this trend, I highly recommend Charlotte Olympia’s bags this season. They are incredibly cool, versatile and well done. Plus, they are under $1000 which is sadly rare for a high end designer handbag these days! My personal favorite is the Croissant Pandora Clutch, available in stores now.