We all remember having that special stuffed animal or doll as a child that helped us through scary dark nights and the occasional bee sting or bump on the head. The more we grow, the more our problems intensify. As my Dad would say, “Little girls, little problems. Big girls, big problems.” Our cuddly friends are no longer acceptable to comfort us as adults – until now.  Meet my friends, The Dammit Dolls.

These adorable little dolls are the ideal adult toy. They are designed to be whacked by the angriest of owners to help ease the ugliest of problems.  The  Dammit Doll’s awkwardly cute appearance will make you chuckle yet allow you to slam it against the nearest hard surface free of guilt.  A couple good whacks should help ease the anger and  frustration us big kids tend to experience. Dammit Dolls are great gifts and stocking stuffers for friends, family and even yourself!  There are also “mini me” Dammit Dolls on key chains for that person who chronically looses things like keys. You can purchase them on line or at Paper Source. I own one and trust me the next time you feel like throwing your favorite piece of crystal, you will be thanking your favorite Dammit Doll!