The current season change marks the perfect time of year to clean out your closet. As a stylist, I advise my clients on which pieces they should keep, tailor and use to create new, current looks.  The most complicated part of a closet revamp is coming to an agreement on which pieces to part with. I determine items that need to be retired based on, fit, style and condition.

FIT – There is something special about looking at a size 0 dress and remembering all of the fun times you had in it and how amazing you looked in it! But this dress realistically is never going to fit again!  It is much better to reminisce over hot pictures of yourself than clutter your closet!

STYLE – The color, cut and shape of something can be a dead give away that it is old and dated. For instance, tops are much longer now. Anything long enough to hide abs and short enough to see hip lines should be tossed. Pants tend to be super wide or slim these days. All mid waist, pleat front pants must go. Also say “GO” to prints that are old in a “non vintage” way and anything that would be classified as tie dye not degrade.

CONDITION – This is a hard one, because often times clothing is in poor condition because it was loved and worn often. Unfortunately, anything pilled, shrunken or stained no longer belongs in the closet

CLOSET KEEPERS – There are usually a few pieces of clothing that I recommend keeping based on sentiment (dress you wore on the first date with your husband) or value (iconic items like a Birken or Tom Ford smoking jacket that you either sell or refuse to part with).

CLOTHES HEAVEN- I have explored every option of the best, most lucrative way to part with your designer duds. The truth is, you rarely obtain a portion of what you paid for your beloved high-end treasures. I find it most satisfying to give retired clothes to friends or kind people who are hard working like a building attendant. This guarantees a good home for your former belongings and allows you to bring joy and fashion to another!