Dreaming of Paris

By Tracy CliffordArticles, Fashion

Fashion Week in Paris is always my favorite place to indulge in the sheer beauty and luxury of fashion. The exclusive runway shows are truly a production which reflects the designer’s vision and showcases his or her collection in the exact way it is intended to be presented to the public. Each collection is open … Read More

Print Mania

By Tracy CliffordArticles, Fashion

One of the most dominant fashion trends right now is print. Animal, Geometric, Ikat, Floral, Plaid, Striped, you name it. Prints are taking over the racks in every store from Target to Barneys.

Fashion and Hair

By Tracy CliffordArticles, Beauty

It is an undeniable fact that hair is essential when it comes to fashion. There are always new trends in the beauty industry that are not appropriate for everyone and in some cases anyone! (ex. highlight extensions in actual highlighter colors are one of my latest “No No’s”) Hair cut, color and style have the … Read More