Seeing Red

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The most popular trend to hit the shoe world since Sex and The City brought us Manolo Blahnik is Christian Louboutin. In other words, the red bottom shoe. Everyone recognizes the red bottom shoe and can relate to the number of stereotypes associated with the brand. A Louboutin shoe lends itself to both female bonding … Read More


By Tracy CliffordDenim, Tracy Clifford's Style, Trends

It is true. I am not into girls.  I would never have a girlfriend, especially when it comes to denim! There is a lot going on these days in the big bad world of denim – skinny, colored, leather, coated, flared, straight, even the overall is back on the rack! I embrace all of these … Read More


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The origin of camouflage print was used by the army to blend in with their surroundings in hope to remain unnoticed by the enemy. I completely understand this concept and have the utmost respect for our troops and any individual courageous enough to put their life on the line for our country. That being said, … Read More