Denim is one of the biggest trends for Fall. It is also one of my favorites. Denim is always in style and easy to wear. It goes with everything and works back to all colors and prints. It has a way of grounding them and pulling them together.

It is challenging to find the right jean because there are so many different styles, cuts, and washes available. How do you determine which shapes are right for your body type and know what to wear them with?

The good news is that there is a jean for every body. My guide to denim captures most of what you will be seeing for Fall/Winter:


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GRLFRND: Joan Crop Flare

The newest shape in the world of denim is the cropped flare. One of the benefits of this style is that it does not have to be hemmed on most people. There is nothing more satisfying than buying something new and wearing it out the same night!

TIP: The shoe is a focal point with cropped denim so pay close attention to your footwear.

Cropped flares work with flats and take on a whole new persona with a heel, printed bootie or cool loafer for a dressier look. Most tops work back to the cropped flare, which is a plus. One thing to watch out for with this cut is that it may shorten the leg and add volume (particularly in the thigh region). It is best to take a second look in the mirror and try siting in this style before heading to the register.

I love cropped flares from lines like GRLFRND and Vetements. You can also take advantage of the distressed hem trend by cutting a pair of your own!


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rag & bone: Joshua Skinny

The skinny jean seems to be here to stay! I find this shape incredibly useful when it comes to boots. It will lay the best under a boot – especially the hottest one, the over the knee boot – without adding volume or causing discomfort the way other styles would when shoved under a sock and boot.

The skinny jean is also one of the most versatile cuts. It can be dressed up with a sky-high heel for a night on the town. Pairing it with a longer blouse or sweater can cover the top part of the thigh while showcasing the lower leg shape.

TIP: Skinny jeans are a good alternative to a legging.

We’ve all been there. You’re having one of those days where you are just running to the store and want to keep it simple. Leggings are usually the go-to choice for this. Instead of leggings, throw on your skinnies. They are just as easy, but they make it look like you’ve put in a lot more effort.

My favorite skinnies are from R13, Frame and rag & bone.


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Alice + Olivia Denim

The novelty jean (patches, embroidery, etc.) is a fun way to go this Fall if you already have a couple pairs of great jeans and have some extra money to spend.

While novelty jeans are a great statement piece, they do present some challenges. The best novelty jeans are so trendy that they are typically worn for only one season. They also have so much going on that they are more difficult to work back to the majority of items in your closet. Plus, novelty jeans tend to be very expensive, so it can be a lot to spend for a one-season look.

TIP: If you go here, let the jean stand on it’s own. Pair it with a simple top and shoe. (A black turtleneck will always work.)

I love the novelty denim from Gucci, Stella Mcartney, Vetements, and 3X1.

One of the women who wore this denim trend best is Amal Clooney (pictured right).


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Second Skin Overalls: The High Rise Flare

Now that we have touched on novelty denim, the overall cannot be ignored. Please note before you go here, that the overall is not a fan favorite! Most men do not find overalls sexy. If you are going for this look, you do not want your overall to read “farmer,” you want your overall to say “I am a fashionable woman in the know.” There is a thin line between the barn and the runway, so be careful.

TIP: The overall trend is one that can go wrong, so I recommend keeping it cool and modern.

You should select a new shape that has a more feminine fit. They have great short sleeve versions, flares and skinnies with sexy straps. There is even a line called Second Skin Overalls that is dedicated to this trend. They do only overalls and focus on five key shapes.

Frame, Stella McCartney, and 3×1 do this trend the best.


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MOTHER DENIM: The Cruiser Flare

Most denim companies have a few options for flares and wide leg jeans available. They are not necessarily “new” or “in” for Fall but act as basics that can still be stylish if worn well. Even though these are technically two different styles, I am putting them in the same category because they look best when worn the same way. The key is to keep them long and pair them with a heel or wedge. The best thing about flares and wide leg denim is that they slim and elongate the leg. Also, most tops will work back to them. All reasons why these silhouettes stay in style!

TIP: Both shapes must be hemmed long to the point where your shoe is almost hidden. Only the toes should peep out.

These styles are done well by Paige, Current/Elliot and MOTHER.


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Moussy: Distressed in Straight

Ripped denim was last year’s novelty jean. While some of the styles can still be cool, many of them now look dated and can give the impression that you’re trying too hard. I don’t recommend ripped jeans being your “go to” pair, but instead save them to wear to special events (think Guns n Roses comeback concert!). Since they are a novelty jean, I would suggest keeping your top and shoe simple.

If you are going to wear ripped denim, try dressing it down for an ultra-casual look (Adidas and flannel shirt). Avoid wearing them with heels and a tight top – this is a look best left to reality TV stars (just take a look at Khloe’s Instagram feed).

Tip: If you love your ripped jeans from last year, invest in a new pair for this Fall.

3×1, Moussy, and Good American have good versions of ripped denim this season.


Tips For All Denim:

  1. Keep in mind most denim will stretch. If the jeans are a touch tight in the fitting room, this is ok.
  2. Denim always looks better with the original hem. It is worth the extra $ at the tailor.
  3. Wash your jeans inside out to preserve the color of the wash. Dry for 10 min and then hang dry.
  4. Be mindful of the tears. If your jeans have holes when you are getting dressed, a foot can easily slip through causing you to trip or even worse, ruin your favorite pair of jeans!
  5. You can still wear your favorite straight legs, boot cuts and boyfriends. They are not “out of style” per say. Just not “in style” enough to make the blog!

The great thing about being at the height of the denim trend is that there are so many fun and cool styles of denim to choose from. Have fun with your denim and try a new style this season!