Velvet Trend Fall 2016Velvet’s pinnacle moment was when Gwyneth Paltrow wore the iconic velvet Gucci suit designed by Tom Ford in 1996. Styled with an open blouse – light blue instead of the obvious white – she looked so chic and effortless. It represented a reintroduction of the fabric for modern times.

For Fall 2016, you will be seeing everything from the 90s, including velvet.

As much as I love velvet, it is a difficult trend to pull off. If you want to explore this luxurious look, be sure to follow these care and wear tips:

Find an Excellent Tailor
Velvet is both delicate and heavy. Any sign of alteration is often visible in the seam. If you are going to have it altered, this is the time to invest in a good tailor.

Find a Good Dry Cleaner 
Velvet is a tricky fabric to clean. Look for a reputable dry cleaner that has experience in treating expensive fabric.

Experiment with Different Looks
Velvet is very much a “holiday” driven fabric and can appear overly festive and tacky. It is also not a youthful fabric and can age women. Try on different pieces and seek a second opinion from a fashion stylist (or an honest friend) to make sure the outfit isn’t adding years to your look!

Know Velvet’s Timeframe
There is a small window for wearing velvet. You will see it most during Fall and Winter and on special occasions. If budget is a concern, this might not be the best trend to invest in.

Fendi Embroidered Velvet Peekaboo Bag
Fendi Embroidered Velvet Peekaboo Bag

Accessorize in Velvet
A great way to embrace the velvet trend for Fall is with accessories. There are amazing velvet shoes, booties, or bags that can tie your look into the velvet trend. This allows you to stay on-trend but avoid the pitfalls of velvet clothing.

My Final Thoughts on Velvet
There is always room for something you absolutely love in your closet! If you love velvet as I do, make the investment and embrace it. With that being said, Tom Ford would be my go-to for velvet. He has some incredible velvet pieces in his current collection and is the master when it comes to velvet. Pick up a piece or two and create your own iconic look this Fall.