We have all had those embarrassing moments when we are sitting with our back to the crowd and the pants are just a little too low and the top is just a little too high. The only part of us that is exposed is the mid section or shall we say thong. Oops! And lets be honest, even the thinnest of the thin usually still have a slight muffin top. Every time this has happened to me, I cannot fathom why some nice person did not just tell me that my bits and pieces were hanging out in plain sight. The whole night, I continued drinking, laughing, and telling jokes like it was nobody’s business. I never thought that the joke was on me or that I was “that girl.”
Recently, I was out at Big Star on a typical day drinking Sunday and “that girl” was sitting directly in front of our table at the bar. Men were laughing, iPhones were flashing. Just as I was debating whether or not to say something to the poor girl, another kind soul approached her and filled her in on the situation. There was a combination of relief, thankfulness and embarrassment written all over her face. Which brings me to my question:
If you were “that girl,” would you rather have enjoyed a fun afternoon at Big Star or would you have wanted to know?


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