I constantly catch myself preaching about Spring cleaning, so I thought it would only be fair to indulge in a bit of cleaning myself. I decided to tackle my closet over the weekend. I always use the same system when it comes to organizing the clothing portion of my closet. I thought my cleaning tactics might prove to be helpful for other Spring cleaners.

1. Take all of the clothes hanging in your closet and make piles for each type of garment. The most important categories are: dress, skirt, pant, top, knits. I also add a sixth pile for suits or clothing that has a partner so to speak. (You don’t want to find a jacket and then spend 20 min looking for the skirt.)

2. Go through each pile and decide what you are keeping and what needs to go. Put all of the NOs in their own pile away from the keepers to avoid confusion.

3. Make sure any excess hangers have been removed from the closet and that everything is clean. It is always best to start with a clean canvas!

4. Place the clothing back in the closet as you see fit. Personally, I prefer tops, bottoms and dresses to be hung in that order – but to each their own. Aside from a few cardigans, I fold most of my knits and put them on a shelf.  Yes, it is a pain and you most likely will create a mess finding the one you want, but it saves a significant amount of room and will not stretch the fabric like a hanger.

Good Luck, cleaners!

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