I was out to dinner last night at Tavernita and noticed a girl at the bar. She was very attractive and could have looked fabulous, but the poor girl got it all wrong! She had on a bright pink bandage dress (not Herve Leger but it did the job) that would have looked great with just a pair heels. I think bandage dresses look best with a simple shoe, simple hair and great makeup.  That look is all about the body which should remain the main focus. The girl at the bar went the exact opposite route! She styled her dress with an odd black belt that broke up the color in a bad way and converse sneakers. The cherry on top was the weird black undergarment peeking out every which way. I am not trying to be mean here, but I have never seen so many ” fashion no no’s” on the same person! If she were a celebrity the photo below would have made the worst dressed list. The takeaway here is that you should let the dress do its job – resist the temptation to over-stylize.


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