I was exploring the streets of Barcelona yesterday, and stumbled upon the coolest little store called Happy Pills. (Don’t get too excited kids it is a candy store that sells actual candy!) I am fascinated with this store and find the concept very clever. When you walk in, there are those little cone shaped paper cups that you find by the water at the doctors office. They can be filled with candy if you just want a taste to satisfy your sweet tooth. The rest of the store is filled with clear prescription bottles that you can load up with your favorite candy selection. There are also stickers to post on the bottle to say what is being prescribed. The description on the stickers range from cute, sweet, funny to raunchy – there is something for everyone! Theme packs and pre-made bottles are also available if you are not feeling creative. Just when you think this store can’t get any better, they provide you with a free sample when you leave! I got a pill box reminiscent of those SMTWTFS things. Only mine was separated into 4 compartments – Ouch! Snif! Blah! Mauk!  I was confused about Muak! too, but apparently it represents the sound of a kiss! Anyway, Happy Pills is a fun store filled with great gifts and yummy treats. I hear there is a location in New York, so watch out Dylan’s Candy Bar!

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