I am sure this is a question that we have all asked ourselves when packing for a trip. No matter how long or short the journey, it is always a challenge to select the right amount of clothing that is suitable for both climate and travel plans. I just returned from a long trip and happen to be in the middle of unpacking today. I did a much better packing job than usual this time! I realize that part of the secret to my success is Urban Outfitters. Yes. You read it right. Urban Outfitters. I made a quick stop there the day before I left for Spain and picked up a few key items. All of them were light weight (perfect for the weather), thin and wrinkle free (essential for taking up a limited amount of space) and cute but not amazing (I would not die if they were ruined or lost). I highly recommend popping in the store or visiting the website to gather up a few things before your next trip. Here are some of my favorites to check out.


1. Staring At Stars tiered crochet dress $79













2. Pins&Needles strapless dress $69














1. Silence&Noise snap front dress $59 – great with or w/o belt, floral
print is a huge trend













2. Staring At Stars s/l mix print dress $59














1. House of Dagmar pallas maxi skirt $329













2. House of Dagmar frida zip front tank $189
**this is a splurge, especially for Urban Outfitters, but they look
amazing together and as separates

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