I have had a moment to reflect on all of the orders that I submitted for Pre Fall 2011. The one that I cannot stop thinking about is, Givenchy, designed by Riccardo Tisci. At first glance, I found the collection to be slightly intimidating as a buyer representing a store in Naples, Florida. Givenchy was beautiful and innovative yet equally edgy and heavy. While those words pretty much sum up my ideal collection, they do not always result in the most understood product.  Heavy fabric and fur is particularly an issue in Naples.  I can just imagine myself shouting out,  ” Full price shearling anyone?  It is only 99 degres and humid today with afternoon showers!”


All kidding aside, I  carefully studied the look book and worked with the models/showroom reps. to create an order that touched on the best pieces while styling them in a wearable way. I am very excited to bring this Givenchy collection into the store. Experience has taught me that people like seeing “new” things and will be more apt to try and buy when faced with styles they have never seen before. I found Givenchy to be the perfect combination of sex, femininity and high fashion.  Even the outerwear offered in Givenchy was quite something – detachable parkas, shrunken tricolored jackets and casual shearlings composed of treated denim.  Tisci did not only stop there. The collection was also sprinkled with some incredible ruffled blouses, pencil skirts and dresses that will not go unnoticed.  I am sure you will see the ecru ruffle tiered frock that Rhianna couldn’t resist all over the press. (Or just look down!)




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