“Break out the Cristal” at last I am done with all of my orders for Pre Fall!  The final order that I submitted was Alberta Ferretti. I put together a concise yet stunning group of pieces from her collection. I selected a few embellished charmeuse blouses (truly some of the best in this category) to pair back to a rich chocolate toned velvet suit and a separate black velvet pencil skirt. I proceeded to throw in a black classic dress with back detail and called it a day.

I have had the pleasure of seeing almost every one of Alberta Feretti’s Collections over the last few years and always have the same reaction: “It was pretty.” I have never been excited about anything specific or found her designs to be particularly innovative. The same is true of “Philosophy,” her diffusion line.  But in a way that is the point of Alberta Ferretti to me.  She puts out a consistent collection that is feminine and of course “Pretty.”


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