Every woman I know has had a battle – or two or three – with the skinny jean. Let’s face it, denim in its smallest form will never be the easiest trend to grace the runway. Even with stretch!

I consulted my friend who is considered “The Denim King” to help me in my recent quest for the perfect skinny. I have always been a fan of Goldsign myself but somehow a pair of J Brands ended up in my Neiman’s bag just as predictedl. This source was right on. Read for yourself..
“The ideal skinny jean… most comfortable, flattering and ‘exclusive’ to a certain degree
is Goldsign  Style: Misfit   Colors to look for Focus, Position, Karina  (It is a super
stretch fabric)  They will look tiny when you hold them up but they have the
most give of any jean I have encountered and suck all the fat in for clients.

Otherwise,  when in doubt…. Buy AG’s… The people at Barneys
will guide you with fit.  But just make sure the jeans are MID to HIGH waisted
if your client is older and/or closer to a sz 30 waist.

Even though I hate them… you could always go with a pair or 2 of J Brands”

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