I distincly remember walking through the Henri Bendel store with my mother in Chicago. At that point, I was just a little kid in love with fashion. Henri Bendel left Chicago 13 years ago but has always had a strong prescence in New York. As a big kid in college I went back and forth to New York often. I would always make sure to visit Henri Bendel. They had a funky selection of clothing, hair accessories, and makeup along with great cashmere, bags and jewelry. Not only was their selection amazing, but it made me nostalgic for the Chicago fashion scene that once was.  To my pleasent surprise, Henri Bendel is back in Chicago.  I recently walked through the store interested to see if the selection or my nostalgia drove my love for this brand.  I was glad to see that Henri Bendel’s merchandise lived up to all my memories!  They had amazing travel merchandise, cool bags at a reasonable price point, great accesories and novelty items.  The collection is particluarly great for holiday gifts because of the combination of cool merchandise and affordable price points.  If your around my age, I hope you go into Henri Mendel to relive your childhood — or if you’re not, enjoy the awesome selection for your holiday shopping! 

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