I took a quick trip to NYC to attend an event last night. It was the second year anniversary celebration for a cutting edge watch company called RumbaTime. I have mentioned this company in the past, but it has risen to a whole new level. RumbaTime now combines an  “old school” spirit with the most modern trends and technology to appeal to all ages and demographics. Even straight up fashionistas cannot get enough!

RumbaTime has launched a new website which reflects their updated image. It  features new info and press in addition to the latest styles, colors and prints available. RumbaTime has even collaborated  with Kohls and can be seen amongst the likes of JLO and Mark Anthony. If that isn’t enough, RumbaTime even offers an option to have credit card info installed for your convenience. Wow! What else can one possibly ask for in a watch?  RumbaTime seems to have it all covered.

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