I was very impressed with Norisol Ferarri who is an up and coming designer. Her collection is primarily an assortment of vests, coats and jackets made of exquisite skins. The silhouettes are beautiful and the strategically placed pockets are very convenient. She occasionally incorporates a harness in place of a belt to create a very edgy and fashion forward look. If I could choose one piece for my closet it would probably be a leather, fur lined zip up vest. The gold zipper runs up the entire vest allowing it to be a hoodie or a cozy turtleneck-like piece.There is also a very cool python motorcycle jacket. I will take both!
Aside from the amazing clothes she designs, the other thing appealing about Norisol Ferarri is her story. She was born in Venezuela and abandoned by her family. She moved to New York and grew up in the center of the 80’s club scene. Apparently, she was extremely influenced by drag queens and hung out among the likes of party goers such as the infamous Michael Alig. Embellished or not, this certainly makes for a good story! Either way, Norisol Ferrari is a talented designer worth checking out.


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