Athletic, sporty clothes were not a part of the fashion world that I became fully immersed in during the 90’s. Then came Y-3.

The line allowed us to run errands in sweats or go to and from the gym while still looking put together. Y-3 provides an unbelievable level of comfort while still allowing us to look chic – thank you Yohji!

I have worn Y-3 since the beginning and continue to wear it today.  (I have always particularly liked their sneakers) The brand has changed over the years, but I still love the classic pieces and the occasional funky twists that Yohji incorporates into the collection. I checked out the Y-3 showroom this week to see what was new and had mixed feelings about Fall 2012. The same basics were still present which is great. The color pallet consisted of grey and black staples along with an army green. The green was cool, but keep in mind that army green and camouflage always appeal to me for some reason! A version of red was also available which was not my favorite shade.  The best thing I can equate it to is the color of a clay tennis court.  That shade of red does not belong on “every body” if you know what I mean. There were two core prints  – classic leopard and a funky colorful Navajo inspired one. The novelty aspect of the collection was wings on the back of certain pieces. I feel the same way about that as I feel about Robins jeans and believe it will appeal to the same customer. Not me. All criticism aside, I still love Y-3 and Yohji!

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