I spent some time in the Brunello Cucinelli showroom this week which is one of my favorite places to visit during market in New York!  You see some of the most luxurious cashmere out there while sipping on some of the best espresso! The collection does not drastically change from season to season but in a way that is what I like about it. You can buy one piece and wear it forever. The clothes are durable and interesting while being classic enough to never appear dated – which may almost justify the price tag!

As usual, the showroom was filled with incredible sweaters, furs and crisp white blouses. There were also more accessories this time around. All of which looked great in a couture yet rugged sort of way. Brunello Cucinelli has really developed into quite the lifestyle brand. My only complaint was the “urban legend” logo that was present on a few pieces. It seemed very random and out of character for him. I did not get it nor did either person working in the showroom! ( I will let you know if I ever figure it out.) That aside, Cucinelli was impressive as usual.

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