It is that time of year again and I am in New York for Fashion Week. This time I am staying at The Standard Hotel in the Meat Packing District. You know The Standard. It is the hotel that is infamous for public photographs of naked guests in the windows. But trust me, once you  see a hotel room here that comes as no surprise. I mean what do you expect when you put a glass shower with bright red tile in the center of a room with a window? Hopefully we all remember to close our drapes this time.   Although, I doubt the eccentric group of guests this week would care. The hotel is filled with “fashion people”. It is quite the scene. I have spotted every “it bag” ever made over the last few days! The biggest perk about staying here is that it is close to most of the showrooms. At least that is true for me. Others may be lured in by the random ice rink out front. Who knows?

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