Background: I went for a pedicure wearing skinny jeans that needed to be pulled up. They got beyond stuck on my knee. We had to aggressively yank them off which caused quite the scene at Salon Buzz. To make a long story short, you must be familiar with my previous post, “The Curse of the Skinny Jean.”

Story Time: After the “incident” at the salon, I spent the rest of the week in wide leg pants. Once Friday hit, I figured I was in the clear so I threw on a cute pair of straight leg PRPS jeans to go shopping. I was browsing around Neimans and a hot pair of Chloe boots caught my eye. I decided to try them on, but when the box arrived I started to panic. I was wearing no socks and thick jeans that I wouldn’t dare pull up. I figured that it would be fine because I have never had a problem with boots before. They slid right on without a problem but I did not care for them.

I sat down to take them off but they wouldn’t budge! I stayed calm and tried my go-to trick of scrunching the boot down and pulling from the heel forward – still nothing! The sales associate came to my rescue. Unfortunately, many more rounds of tug of war took place. Only this time the enemy was a designer boot. Eventually, we were both out of breath  and another sales associate stepped in. He managed to remove the boot. He smiled and said, “So how would  you like to pay for these??!!”

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