Alessandro Dell’Acqua has been in the business for years designing for himself and acting as the creative director of Malo. Once again, he has branched out to design his own line called NO.21. The name NO.21 was chosen to represent Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s birthday which also happens to be his lucky number. I enjoyed working with this collection last week in New York. It managed to cover all the trends and will appeal to women of all ages.  Some of the important colors were pink, white and versions of khaki. They looked nice together and went well with the houndstooth print also present in the collection.  NO.21 even included some great “Alaia inspired” knits and pretty dresses in both color and lace. One of my favorite looks in the collection was a white printed top paired with navy printed pajama like paints. I would live in this! But most of the population would not. It will probably get cancelled because no one but me would buy it!

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