Yesterday, April 26, I had the honor of acting as the fashion stylist for the Royal Wedding on ABC news at 11:00 AM.  I am proud of the looks I put together for a wide range of guests and especially love that they represent multiple price points.  The first thing I kept in mind was the “Royal Rule” of dress and etiquette.  One of the most important facts for all guests to keep in mind is that the wedding takes place in a church. Not just any church – Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey is extremely well known and admired for its tradition, beauty and history. After all, it is the same stunning location that Prince Charles and Princess Diana exchanged vows in just 30 years prior.

Every guest present at the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton must respect the past while not ignoring current styles.  This means that shoulders should remain covered and cleavage should be kept to a minimum. It is also essential to wear a hat.  Even though hats are not necessarily an “American tradition” they are a key accessory in formal English dress.  American guests should understand the significance of the hat and incorporate it in their own way.  Guests of the Royal Wedding have an array of millineries at their disposal in London.  Whether it is an oversized Philip Treacy hat, Headband, Novelty Feahers or Dramatinc Netting all variations of the hat are acceptable and add to the allure of the majestic day.

Once the Royal union is official, the procession will be lead to a regal brunch at Buckingham Palace.  It is appropriate at this point to appear slightly more comfortable by eliminating a jacket, cardigan or fur piece. The change of scenery allows female guests the opportunity to present two different looks throughout the course of the day.  However, it is key to remember that you are always in the presence of royalty and should act accordingly.

So bare in mind, only speak when spoken to, do not physically touch the Royals or their Pets for that matter!

Looks on guests on ABC News:

1. Black white lace Marc Jacobs 2. Gunmetal sequin dress and floral trench Rachel by Rachel Roy

3. Light Pink Vintage Coat Dress and Antique Pin 4 . Shoulder tone colored dress Halston Heritage

5. Lilace dress and Jacket Michael Kors 

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  • Tracy,

    You were great on TV. A true natural! I loved learning about the dos and don’ts of the Royal Wedding. I felt very prepared after listening to you this morning when I watched the wedding on TV.

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