With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, I have been getting a lot of questions about what is appropriate to wear to such an event (I assure you all of these questions have been hypothetical as none of my friends were able to leapfrog Elton John to get on the guest list).  I’ll save my recommendations for women for another post, so…on to the men!

Men are typically afforded less opportunities to stand out with their clothing.  This is particularly true for dressing for the Royal Wedding where men are encouraged to stick to a traditional dress code.  For the actual ceremony, men should wear something called a “morning suit” which is a suit with tails.  These suits were traditionally worn during morning horse rides by British aristocracy and are now the standard for upper crust Brits at daytime events.

Any gentleman worth his salt will change clothes for the afternoon reception (oh the horror of being caught at an afternoon event with morning attire).  Men should wear a dark colored three button or double-breasted suit, called a lounge suit across the pond, to the reception.  There are no rules for the color or pattern of the tie (besides good taste of course), so this is where a man can really set himself apart.  I suggest men browse the Charvet tie collection which is elegant while still being colorful and unique.  In fact, Charvet ties were made for European royals in the nineteenth century, so you’ll be sure to fit in.

Last suggestion for the men: do not think that Prince William is setting a trend by saying he won’t wear a wedding ring.  This only works if you’re a prince…and maybe not even then! What do you think about that ladies….

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