There are many reasons why we decide to go shopping. I find that some of them are related to the best and worst life scenarios.  For instance, some people hit the store to indulge on a bad day when they need a little perk me up. The same person may also splurge when they had a great day to reward themselves.  Another scenario that can play a role in the urge to shop is body perception. We tend to have a desire to shop when we feel and look the best. However, the same shopping bug may bite when you are feeling negative or overweight.  You want to buy clothes that fit you NOW and not worry about feeling bad or squeezing into those skinny jeans.  The other main reasons people shop are out of sale/bargain hunting, an upcoming event, future date, vacation change, gifts, boredom, fun love of clothes.  Personally, I like to see what is out there. I am always curious to see what trends are prevalent in stores around the globe and observe who is buying what.  We all do have our reasons for hitting the stores, but I would imagine we have all been encouraged to shop for at least a few of the reasons listed above at one time or another.

Now that summer is right around the corner – we pray it is at least – I think shopping will be done more for sheer fun and entertainment.  It is great to make a day having a leisurely outdoor lunch on one of Chicago’s many outdoor patios while people watching and sipping on a nice summer cocktail. Many people decide to take a post lunch stroll and peruse many of the stores. This is one of the best days to spend a leisurely hot Chicago afternoon with friends.

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