Since you soon may find yourself in a shopping frenzy, Here are some shopping tip for this season:

1: Wear nude color bra and panties for trying on clothes

2: When in doubt, go up a size. (Even the best of us can look like sausages in too tight of clothes!)

3: Remember that all designers run differently.  Some true to size, others small, others big.  Your size is not going up and down the fit is just inconsistent! Buy what is comfortably and fattering regardless of the size.

4. No one knows what size the tag inside your dress is, they know how great you look in it!

5. If you are that uncomfortable cut the tag out BUT be careful not to remove the laundry/dry-clean instructions please!

6. Remember, most things do not fit anybody perfectly. Tailors are our friends and are often necessary to achieve the perfect fit.

7.  Be wary of fabrics that will show sweat during these hot summer months (avoid silk/satin and stick to cotton/linen based fabrics. Darker colors, prints and whites tend to help too)

8. Do not try on a bathing suit with nothing covering your “bits and pieces” You never know who tried it on first or where it has been.

9. Watch out for Make-Up when trying on clothes. It has the potential to get all over merchandise in the store as well as your own clothes. (Especially on a hot summer’s day when make-up is dripping.)

10. Beware of feet on the Chicago Streets. Everyone’s feet get dirty when walking on concrete, grass and unexpected mud during the hot summer months.

11. If you would like something trendy such as jewelry, super wide leg pants or a crazy wedge it may be wise to check out stores such as Akira, Macy’s, H&M etc. to find these items at a lower price.  People often worry about these items not being durable, but hey – they should at least hold up until they are no longer a hot trend.

12. Always try both shoes on and walk in them before purchasing.

13. Sit down for a minute in all clothing you try on just to make sure there are no uncomfortable moments or mishaps.

14. Remember that denim will stretch and always choose a pair of jeans that are very tight upon purchase.

15. No Matter how much we love sunglasses, every shape does not look good on everyone. Buy what you love, fits and suits your face shape.

16. Aviators Sunglasses – beware of the aviator shapes that pull out your hair and ruin your ponytails/up dos.

17. Always buy what YOU LOVE and FEEL GREAT in. It is important to keep up with trends, style and listen to our friends opinions BUT and the end of the day you are your own person with your own taste and comfort level. SHOP FOR YOURSELF NO ONE ELSE…

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