Yes. We all want to be “Lanvin  kids” but there is no sarcasm here. Resort 2012 will truly breed Lanvin clad tots. The current collection includes samples and line sheets for actual children. And we are not just talking about the darling Suri Cruise, we are talking real – as always the term “real” is relative- children.

Lanvin now offers precious dresses, coats and even dolls for kids. Granted these garments are absolutely stunning but who is paying full price for a $2000 dress that will not fit their beloved munchkin two months later? My jaded mind says, “Maybe for a wedding or Christmas” . However, I still realize that is insane. I am interested to see if this line takes off. AND on a serious note what type of adults will the Lanvin children line really breed?

We always talk about dressing for men, but what happens when you dress for  a Park Avenue Mom??

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