Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip. That is an activity you may end up doing one day if you do not take a minute to read my blog!   Most women, including myself, hate going shopping for bathing suits. I definitely have nightmares about string bikinis and fluorescent lights in fitting rooms before each summer.  This year I have had no choice. The sand and gravel are smoking hot, not to mention the never ending fire pit we call Michigan Avenue. I don’t think any of us expected such grueling weather this summer. I thought I was moving to the Windy City! (This feels more like Arizona to me!) The heat inspires many of us to go bikini shopping. Not to mention we all have our favorites.  Here are a few easy tips that will help you maintain your best suit…

  1. Never clean your bathing suit in a washer or dryer.  It must be hand washed with gentle soap then hung to dry.  This is because direct contact with the sun, sand, perspiration, chlorine and/or salt water will damage and discolor the fabric.
  2. When you do have an opportunity to wash your bathing suit, you must hand wash it with cool water. My favorite little helper is The Laundress : swimwear care.  (if you do not like this one J.Crew also sells customized bathing suit soap on line and in-store
  3. The absolute worst culprit is the Jacuzzi. Although the evil bubble tub is so temptingly relaxing it is not worth bikini slaughter.  The high heat combined with excessive chemicals is not an asset to any clothing. If you plan to take a dip in the tub please wear an old suit or one you do not intend to keep on too long!

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