Oh, work attire. Awesome! That means I can just run over for a quick drink in my boyfriend’s hoodie and my favorite grey Lululemon sweats. I mean the invite does say work attire, and that is what I work in all day. Right?  No.  Wrong.  Dead  Wrong.  Regardless of popular opinion, the concept of right and wrong has been permanently skewed when it comes to professional dress today.

Some modern, successful women have arranged to work out of the house which drastically alters their true physical and business image in whatever way they choose. Since the office is confined to the privacy of one’s home, women are free to dress however they like and be whoever they want.  What this means, though, is that when they leave the privacy of their home-office, they have to put on clothes that are appropriate for the outside work world.  This makes what we see contrived, not to mention overly planned. Really, this makes it virtually impossible to know what women are really wearing for work attire.  I bet if we could take a glimpse at the home-office work attire, the same woman who is viewed as a sophisticated professional could be naked, dressed as a clown or in a dramatic evening gown and no one would be any the wiser. You never really know what some women consider their professional uniform. I never knew that business could be so sexy and mysterious!

Feel free to explore whatever fantasy you please in your mind kids. But never forget the rules of reality and sexual harassment!

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