She may be a bit of a golden child, but this weekend Kate Hudson chose to be a lady in red.  At first glance, I thought she looked stunning prancing around in her red Versace ensemble. All smiles. All fun.  The gown was the perfect shade of red to compliment her hair, skin tone and piercing blue eyes. The sparkling red fabric lined her lower back so perfectly it managed to create an equal amount of sex appeal and innocence. I thought, “wow this girl really knows how to work a room.” Then I looked closer and screamed – “aaaaaaa!” there was a clear shiny nude fabric covering all of Kate’s sexy bare parts. (and no kids, sheer is not invisible. Don’t forget it.) I am not sure if Kate is secretly in the ice capades or gearing up for the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Either way lose the dress or find the nearest tailor. Kate, you are  such a cool chick please lose the nude.

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