Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days Chicago has seen in a while. The bikers were out, the lake front was crowded and Rush street was full of outdoor seating. Judging by what people were wearing it could have been 80 degrees or below zero! I saw some women in shorts and dresses who were clearly overly excited by the pleasant weather. I also saw women in winter coats and hats who were not affected by the warm weather tease. Obviously, neither of these clothing choices were weather appropriate. The temperature is even a few degrees warmer today, so if you did not get your outfit right yesterday (  you know who you are ladies!)  here are a few ideas. For the sake of fashion and comfort please read them!

1. Pair your outfit with a cool scarf and leather bomber. My favorite is the Alexander McQueen motorcycle jacket. I also love some of the leather pieces from Mike and Chris who were huge a few years back. These jackets look great with jeans and a tee or a dress and boots.
2. Trade in your jacket for a cool chunky knit. BUT beware of the sweater. Some heavy knits end up being even warmer than coats.
3. Bring out your vest. Depending on the fabric it works with a turtleneck, sweater dress, button down or hoodie.
4. If you are more of a sporty girl, a fleece is a great option. Patagonia has some of the best.
5. Pull out a trench. It is current and goes with almost everything.
6. Stay away from sandals and flip flops. It is not that hot kids!

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