There are multiple ways to send out invitations these days. People use e-vites, facebook posts, tweets, etc. I suppose these types of invites are effective and cost free. However, I still prefer the classic paper invitation. I think it provides insight into the person who sent it and hints at what type of party to expect. No matter which type of invitation you prefer, they all have one thing in common. YOU HAVE TO READ THEM.  Neglecting to read an invitation is the cause for numerous fashion mistakes. The invite states or at least hints at what the proper attire should be for the party. The forgetful reader can probably be saved as long as the event does not require costumes or tuxedos. In that case, just go home and hope nobody saw you!  If this ever were to happen to me, I would sincerly hope that I read absolutley none of the invitation including the address!  I must also stress that you cannot rely on anyone but yourself to read an invitation. Some people are just plain mean. Don’t put it past a frenemy to tell you she is having a”pajama party”. You might end up entering the room in flannel jammies only to find your so called “friend” rockin her new Herve Leger Dress and Louboutins.  I mean we have all seen Legally Blond, right?  At least Reese Witherspoon made a hot playboy bunny!  Moral of the story – Read those invitations.

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