Ever since P.Diddy started throwing his famous White Party in the Hamptons, it has become a popular theme. I personally think that unless you are attending THE white party the concept is a bit cheesy. However, that seems to be the minority opinion. I am not exactly throwing a party this evening, but I am having friends over for dinner. I am wearing white. Let me rephrase, I was wearing white. I spilled a splash of wine on myself while decanting a bottle. No big deal – who will notice a dab? Next, I dribbled a little salad dressing on my sleeve. Oh well, I pushed my sleeves up to my elbows to mask the stain. Just as I thought I got away with my little white mishaps, I managed to sit on a pen. No hiding that one! I am now waiting for my guests to arrive and wearing solid black. My point is, whether you are having a little dinner party or attending a huge bash beware of the white!

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