For the last few months – maybe even a year now – I have had a feeling that the 90’s were coming back. I noticed a significant amount of inspiration from the decade when I saw Pre Fall in NYC this year. I did not want to believe it, because the 90’s are the first decade that I am old enough remember! Every glimpse of a bare midriff or a Nirvana inspired flannel brings me back to 1994. In a way, what used to be perceived as grunge is almost equivalent to the modern day “hipster” look. In a non-hip way of course – sorry hipsters not trying to offend.

My theory was solidified last week when I traveled back to the 1990’s via my sofa and secret box set of the original “90210” DVD’s. (I swear I was really sick all week.) There was an immediate parallel drawn between past and present fashion. I could have been in my family room or on the street and seen the same thing – dynamic prints, chunky shoes, little dresses, feminine menswear, vests, not to mention matte red lips. For example, there is one seen where Donna is wearing a printed sunflower dress and doc martins. Just the other day I wore a printed short dress with heavy rubber open toe boots by Alexander Wang – Scary!

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