A few years ago when The Row started to become really big, all the rage was leather leggings. The “real deal” retailed for $1700 a pair which not many people can do. Everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Target started making faux versions. I still love and wear both leather and faux leather leggings but have noticed the legging trend transition into printed leggings. My favorite printed legging tends to be leopard print. I find it to be the easiest to wear (even though it is a print it can act as a neutral) and the most slimming to the leg. Top Shop has a few different versions for $40 a pair. I also like the ones by Love Moschino and a Feather Print by MCQ if you are willing to spend a bit more. I found some of the best options at polyvore.com which is actually a cool website in general. I have a few friends that ordered from onlyleggings.com, but I don’t recommend it. I am all about finding a bargain but something about a $15 garment scares me!
Feather Print leggings by MCQ

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