I remember the day when I bought my first pair of real designer sunglasses. I was very young and my very generous father bought my sister and me a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators when we were on Spring Break in Maui. The same pair of shades is still in style today.  In fact, they are even cooler than a brand new pair of Tom Ford’s in my opinion. I recently noticed my beloved Ray-Bans were featured on both a Bravo reality series and in a certain “classic” movie. I am a bit embarrassed to share this discovery BUT I feel that it is so random that I had no choice. I would be doing you a disservice if I did not share the fashion parallel found on…The Real House Wives of Miami and the movie “Three Men and a Baby”! Yes, that’s right, Adriana and her French fiancé are actually sporting the same Ray-Ban aviators that Tom Selleck wears in the 90’s tour de force. You are probably thinking “How the hell did this girl notice this!?” or “why is she watching Three Men and a Baby.” Both valid questions, but I will explain:

I saw an episode of The Real Housewives of Miami and noticed that Adriana’s fiancé had on hot sunglasses. He then made a comment about her amazing “blue aviators” that were clearly the same style as his. Personally, I thought the sunglasses were slightly off on both of their beautiful faces, but they were so cool that I accepted it. I left the show wondering who designed these obviously cool shades. Later that night, I caught a few minutes of “Three Men and a Baby” (lets just pretend I didn’t watch the whole thing) and realized that Tom Selleck’s character was decked out in full suspenders. At a closer look, he also had on the exact same aviators as our current reality TV friends.  Google and I discovered that they were Ray-Ban Sunglasses known as “The Outdoorsman”.  The style originated years ago and still looks fresh on the hottest faces today.  I said it last week and will say it until the day I die – the best fashion items to invest in are those that are classic meaning they will be cool today and cool in 10 years.  SO, if you feel like shopping go buy some aviators!  These Ray-Bans are actually a steel for $135 these days!

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