I received the most backhanded compliment last night and it is still on my mind. I paired skinny jeans, a wife beater and leather bomber with a pair of 5” Prada clogs from last season. A male friend of mine repeatedly told me how great my ass looked throughout the entire evening. By the end of the night, my feet were killing me and I kicked my shoes off.  He said, “Wow! I never realized how much heels make a difference.” My response was, “It is unfortunate that you cannot wear high heels. It must be difficult to walk around every day having people know you are such a “small man.”  We all know that was not my exact response. (I am much more of a firecracker) But you get the point.

While we are being honest, I am a size 4 (2 if we are talking American) which is hardly worthy of a “fat ass” comment! My need to point that out tells you how much this bothered me! It bothered me because I am finally starting to feel comfortable in flats. For most of my life I felt like I had to squeeze my feet into 5 inch heels to look sexy. Now that I have finally moved on and am confident in flats some cockinini has too tell me how much hotter I am in heels? Thanks you….Think lots of bad words….

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