I am yet to meet a woman who does not have to consult a tailor. Regardless of a woman’s shape or size very few garments fit perfectly right off the hanger. Weather it is a simple hem or shaping the train of a couture gown, the tailor is essential in creating the perfect look and fit for everyone. I have one client who is a tall stunning woman. Many of her peers (including me!) are no doubt envious of her long lean legs.  Believe it or not even long lean legs have to walk over to a tailor on occasion.  The most common problem for tall women is that nothing is long enough for them.  Last week we struggled to find a dress that did not fit like a tunic and were unsuccessful.  We did manage to purchase four pairs of pants all of which had to be let out at the hem to achieve the proper length. At the end of the day, the pants turned out great thanks to the tailor.

Today I am meeting another client who is so cute and petite that pants and sleeves of jackets are slightly too long for her. The shoulders of a gorgeous Vionett dress are also slightly too broad for her small frame.  These may seem like complicated changes but they are not. Aside from the hem, the jacket and dress could technically be worn with out any alterations. However, a slight tuck in the sleeves and shoulders of these pieces will transform the garment.  It makes a world of difference in the shape and will allow the owner to look and feel flawless.

If you are searching for a tailor two of my absolute favorites in the Chicago area are Boguslaw on Oak Street and Maria at the Golden Needle and Thread on Chicago and Wabash. Remember to bring a shoe that represents the heel height that you will be wearing with your clothing. The standard shoe in the fitting room may bot be the right height for you….

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