I love anything – no, EVERYTHING – red.  Maybe it is because having Clifford as a last name has always bonded me to a certain Big Red Dog? Maybe it is because red is the color of power? Reminds me of Christmas?? Regardless, I love the color red!

I am very happy to see that red seems to be one of the “It” colors these days. My personal theory is that coral is the biggest color for Spring 2011.  Red is another great bright color now being introduced as an alternative option. Reason being, coral is perceived as orange and most people do not like orange. This popular opinion has allowed coral to take on a slightly darker hue –  Red. People are more attracted to red because it is sexy, easy to wear and appeals to men. I cannot say the same about orange or even coral. Many people associate orange with Halloween and a bad spray tan. Coral is Florida!

Red has been the most dominant color present in fashion related media this month. Red has gone from the hair on Rhianna’s head to the pages of Vogue!  The May issue (Reese  Witherspoon Cover) showcases red in the majority of the magazine’s page layout. The same is true of the clothing featured in the exquisite photography.  The most telling flash of red lies in the ads – Chevy, Lexus, Essie, Revlon, L’Oreal,JCPenny – all contain the fiery color. The red trend was solidified in my mind when I noticed that it was present in other magazines. People Magazine has a page titled “Red Rules” and OK Magazine thinks that “red is the new blonde”. I may be on to something here – there are too many red flags to ignore!

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