What does it mean to have “Baggage?” In the past, the term immediately sent my mind to a negative place. I thought it was a polite word used to refer to problems or complications.

When it came to relationships, “baggage” was a terrible ex-husband, stepchildren or possibly an addiction.

When it came to traveling,” baggage” was an extra expense, loss, or even an intimate moment with airport security!

Today when I hear “baggage” my mind is sent to a very happy place filled with dreams of private planes and five star hotels. Believe it or not, my change of heart is due to Marc Jacobs. A few years back, Marc Jacobs expanded the concept of his famous quilted “Stam” bag into luggage. I remember obsessing over a quilted raspberry colored trolley forever! This may not have been the first time that a mainstream designer tapped into the travel market, but it was new to my eye – an “It Bag” on wheels – WOW! Marc Jacobs was definitely ahead of the game, because now designer travel bags are everywhere.

Alexander McQueen indulged in the trend early on as well by collaborating with Samsonite. Now travel bags are being offered by the top designers such as Lanvin, Jimmy Choo and Balenciaga. A walk through Neimans will prove that even Tumi is stepping up their game with hip luggage in attempt to cater to this trend. I have seen products from all the contenders, and my personal favorite this season is the Nightingale Trolley from Givenchy. The owner of this fab bag must have private travel accommodations or guard it with their life in public. The bag is so eye-catching that it screams “Steal me – I am loaded with designer clothes and jewelry!”

Givenchy has managed to capture the attention of every fashionista and thief on the planet! Regardless, I love that designers are bringing a little glam back to travel. I will carry this kind of “baggage” all over the world! I love designer bags – they just keep getting bigger..

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